We Coactuate for:

  • Pull-through of strategy to tactical implementationn
  • Rapid generation of compelling new ideas
  • Provoking new thinking through integration of outside perspectives
  • Building alignment alignment and buy-in to minimize churn and accelerate ideal market cycle times

Years of working with the world’s leading medical teams on redefining their tactical plans has taught us several lessons:

  • Saying you want to be innovative and being innovative are very different things
  • Teams must have confidence that any new approaches or tactics will still deliver against core objectives before they will feel confident to explore new options
  • The most impactful tactics are those based on an empathetic understanding of relevant stakeholders
  • Co-creating tactics with these stakeholders can be a transformation experience
  • Confidence in implementation requires key decision makers to be actively engaged in development and critical review cycles
  • Rapid prototyping and “learning by doing” reduces risk and accelerates implementation timelines
Selected examples of Coactuate supporting tactic development:

Top 5 Global Pharma
Developed and prototyped new approach to business development.

Healthcare provider
In co-creative workshops, develop full tactical platform to support organization transformation.

Large community hospital
Co-created several tactics to refine patient experience for most at-risk patient population.

Key Services
  • Service Ecosystem Design
  • Tactical Planning
  • Ideation
  • Implementation (medical, commercial)
  • We don’t just advise you on what tactics to pursue; we walk with you to get those tactics in place.