We Coactuate for:

  • Future oriented thinking to enhance long-term planning and decision-making
  • A clear and informed direction when faced with multiple paths and uncertainty
  • Cross-functional engagement to ensure alignment and understanding
  • A rigorous review of activities and implications on core business goals

The larger the team and the more complex the challenge, the more crucial it is to have clear strategies tied to delivering discrete business objectives.

Coactuate combines top-down hypothesis-based methodologies with strategic foresight methodologies to extend thinking beyond typical planning cycles. We employ bottom-up design thinking approaches to ensure your team fully owns the resulting strategies and understands how to deliver.

Selected examples of Coactuate supporting strategy:

Co-created comprehensive strategic and tactical plan for first-in-disease launch.

Neurological disease
Refined full medical and cross-functional strategic and tactical plans through a competitive wargame exercise.

Healthcare provider
Defined strategic options and co-created full 5yr strategy.

Key Services
  • Foresight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Wargaming (medical, commercial)
  • M&A / Due Diligence
  • Our multi-disciplinary team members are experts at both management strategy and design thinking methodology, delivering innovative solutions supported by analytical rigour.