We Coactuate for:

  • Sensemaking of massive amounts of information, integrating qualitative and quantitative customer, patient and market insights
  • Ethnographic insights that get to root causes and potential behavioral drivers
  • Mapping business objectives to stakeholder experience so that your team understands priorities and potential for impact in context
  • Scanning signal and trends to understand changing market place activities

All too often, our clients come to us with dozens of research readouts, each filled with a plentitude of recommendations and priorities. They are challenged to understand what insights and recommendations matter most, and have the greatest potential to impact their businesses’ growth trajectory. Coactuate takes a holistic approach to insight generation and articulation. Either building from existing primary research that our clients have, or conducting our own qualitative primary research, we identify key insights at the root of stakeholder behavior. Our inter-disciplinary team of strategists, social scientists, medical researchers, and design thinkers balance work collaboratively to prioritize insights and visualize them in impactful ways that can drive your team’s understanding and prioritize their focus.

Selected examples of Coactuate supporting insight generation:

Healthcare provider
Conducted comprehensive insight gathering with customers, patients, experts and employees to understand key insights impacting potential for growth.

Public Hospital
Designed and led ethnographic research with patients and caregivers to identify gaps in disease experience.

Ophthalmological Disease
Integrated qualitative and quantitative insights into a comprehensive but simplified view of disease experience to support strategic decision making

Key Services
  • Ethnography
  • Quality Research
  • Integrated qualitative-quantitative journey maps / insight synthesis
  • Strategic Narrative
  • We thrive in chaos and take pride in our ability to dissect large amounts of data to curate powerful narratives.