We Coactuate for:

  • Critical engagement (either through experience or high quality deliverables) with no room for error
  • Compelling narratives to engage and align critical stakeholders
  • Rapid and clear conveying of complex information in an engaging, high impact format

We focus obsessively on ensuring that our communications, whether through outputs created on our projects, or through the experience of working with us and participating in any of our working sessions, are compelling, impactful, and respect your time. Whether it be through tactics for use in the marketplace, internal or external team communications, or facilitation of meetings with key external advisors, we believe beautifully designed communications are a critical tool for building engagement, switching mindsets and focusing discussion. Every research report, workshop experience, or strategic framework is an opportunity to leverage design to increase engagement and alignment.

Examples of Coactuate supporting communication:
Key Services
  • Advisory Boards (medical, commercial)
  • Strategic narratives
  • Medical communications
  • Insight-based communications (e.g., user experience videos)
  • We love surprising our clients with beautiful designs and proactive ideas. We always have a story to tell and work iteratively to make it better and better.