Project Overview

Our client, a large teaching hospital in downtown Toronto, partnered with Coactuate to build its innovation capacity through a pilot program to redefine its understanding of the patient experience for a complex and underserved population, the homeless living with severe liver disease. Coactuate interviewed a broad range of system stakeholders, and developed a patient journey that brought to life the ecosystem of treatment and care for this patient population. Coactuate then facilitated a cross-functional session with physicians, social workers and other relevant stakeholders that identified and prioritized the needs of this population, generating dozens of potential solutions for identified pain points within the newly elucidated system of care.

Patient journey visualisations are constructed through expert insights and thorough data collection, offering a powerful human-centered framework to communicate problems and new ideas.

Three initiatives were presented to leadership and valued to have an impact of $1M cost reduction. A mobile treatment toolkit was further prioritized by management and put into piloting to measure improvement on patient experience.

Key Services
  • Ethnography
  • Fact Base
  • Ideation
  • Strategic Narrative
Project Impact
  • 3 new

    at different scales of implementation
  • Incremental

    with 10:1 potential ROI
  • Repeatable

    through internal training