Project Overview

Guiding Business Development for Franchise Development

Coactuate collaborated with a top 5 global pharma to prototype a new approach to medium-to-long-term R&D pipeline strategy, molecule selection and portfolio management. Combining evidence-based research with a comprehensive patient journey, Coactuate along with a broad cross-functional client team developed a new framework for molecule sourcing and prioritization. The framework was pressure tested and iterated with a wide range of disease area leaders to ensure its relevance and applicability across the Business Development function.

Bridging cross-functional teams early created a common language for addressing future developments and created a high level of buy-in and enthusiasm for the co-developed strategy.

The new business development framework is being implemented within a disease area to inform new molecule sourcing and long-term franchise lifecycle strategy.  An internal team is replicating the process for other disease areas.

Key Services
  • Fact Base
  • Strategic Narrative
  • Cross-functional Engagement
Project Impact
  • Greater alignment
    between business development and franchise needs
  • Repeatable process
    for identifying business development targets across other disease states