Project Overview

Prioritizing Activities in a Competitive Future

Unsure of how to prepare and react to a competitor’s upcoming trial data readout, our client partnered with Coactuate to develop pre-emptive and reactive strategies based on potential competitor clinical trial outcomes and activities. Coactuate constructed scenarios based on extensive research, including interviewing a diverse range of stakeholders and external thought leaders familiar with the changing market and disease area. Coactuate engaged the client readiness team to rapidly generate strategic implications according to potential scenarios, setting them up for success. Specific recommendations and guidance were prepared for all team areas including clinical trial operations, medical affairs, and commercial operations.

Our workshops are highly choreographed dances, thoughtfully designed in advance with our clients. We create a space that encourages critical thinking, team building, and creative work.

Following the project, the client was able to prioritize and sequence investments across all areas. All teams and sub-teams had a clear understanding and detailed tactical plans for what to do under each different competitor trial outcome.

Key Services
  • Factbase
  • Strategy Development
  • Wargaming
Project Impact
(Since December 2015)
  • Generation and

    of strategic actions
  • Rapid alignment
    to core strategy
  • Prioritization
    of resources