Project Overview

A healthcare provider with #1 global ranking in several disease areas, engaged Coactuate to develop its next 5 year growth strategy in one of its national markets.

Coactuate collaborated with over 40 national healthcare leaders, including health ministers, CEOs of public and private healthcare organizations, policy leaders, physicians, patients and employees in order to understand the evolving disease landscape. With the integration of complex financial and operational data, Coactuate engaged the executive leadership team in a co-design process to define several discrete growth pathways. Each growth option was detailed with a business case and specific ground level insights required to drive targeted behaviour change and impact.

Key stakeholders were engaged in a series of interviews, leadership team meetings and collaborative workshops to address complex problems, create shared understanding, and help envision future outcomes.

Following executive board approval of a strategic direction, Coactuate continued the co-design process to onboard the broader organization through a series of tactical workshops, and assisted the organization in developing new metrics and dashboards, training staff on new management techniques, redesigning new workflows, and refining and hiring for a new organizational structure.

Key Services
  • Opportunity Factbase
  • Tactical Planning
  • Co-design Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactic Development
  • Communications
Project Impact
(Since December 2015)
  • +12% (y-o-y)
    growth in patient volume
  • +15% (y-o-y)
    growth in revenue
  • 90%+
    patient satisfaction
  • Substantial
    increase in
    (3x ROI of consulting fees
    in first 9 months)